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BRASS Core Plug


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Hi All,

i'm a long time reader.... first time poster and have recently bought a Triumph Herald to do up here in New Zealand.

The first thing i am starting on is getting the engine running nicely etc.... and i noticed a leak coming from the Brass core plug.

I have done quite a bit of 'googling' and forum trawling on the subject of the removal and everyones techniques seem to carry the the theme of knocking it on one side to raise the other side ..in order to pull up.

I have removed frost plugs before on other cars and they were steel... i haven't come across a brass one before and when ever i gove it a wallop with a punch or screwdriver or whatever the brass just gets mushed....
through my persistence i have already ended up witha  small "rip" type hole in it.... and am starting to wonder if the thing is ever going to come out.... (haha) as i seem to be loosing the "walls" of the plug if you know what i mean as they are just 'mushing' to bits the metal is so soft??

Any fresh / tried and true methods would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance

Kieran :o

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MikeyB wrote:
I have never come across a brass core plug. Where on the engine is it? Can you post a photo?  

My usual method of removing steel plugs is to punch through then with a large flat old screwdriver then lever/twist them out.

Thanks for your reply... I'll take a photo in the morning. But its the one at the front of the engine next to the Distributor. I haven't removed the distributor but have removed the mounting stud for the distributor on the pedestal  and generator etc...and this gives me pretty good access.

Yeah i have read a lot on steel vs Brass also and it appears that some prefer the brass ones as they take longer to corrode etc... but i'm sure theres lots of arguments for or against etc... (as with most things)  - At this stage i don't care fro the brass type much at all as there a mission to get out!! (haha)

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Hi guys,

Thanks all for the tips - really appreciate it. I got home this arvo and drilled a self-tapping screw into it.. managed to get the old claw hammer on it. (had to remove the oil filter to get even more room!!) but you do what you have to right?? - I now have a souviner - as attached.   :)



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