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Performance engine builder required

Will It Ever Run Again

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Hiya all,

I'm restoring a Spitty 1500 to a high standard and will be keeping the visual aspects in period but (I hope this won't offend anyone) I'd like to improve the engine power from standard so I can do the odd hillclimb. I do want to use the original block though, I don't want a 6 cyl.

Does anyone know of such a specialist?

Many thanks.


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Concur with what Colin says. I know if people who have spent serious money and got an engine that never met expectations.

You need to decide how far you really want to go. But a self-confessed triumph genious had a simple formula for a 100bhp 1500. 

Toledo 1300 head (big valves as std, not sure what compression ratio it gave but guessing about 9.75)

TR5 profile cam. Makes sense.

Tubular exhaust manifold.

Properly set up SU carbs. Weber/dellorto would be even better.

An oil cooler will be essential, as will a quality oil. And a well built bottom end with the very best components that you can source.


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Agree with Colin and Clive.(first where in the UK are you?)

Our Spitfire engine came out the factory with 74 BHP,..... after head flowing, s/s manifold/exhaust fitting ,needle profiling at a local performance garage, Ramair carb filter system,electronic timing,Newman race cam(plus other bits and bobs)  and tinkering on the garage rolling road, we now have 99/100 BHP 

The car is very nippy and doubt we would get any more out of it...(and keeps up with the best  )

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I built mine myself. I used to build race engines professionally so not necessarily advocating you do it yourself but, if you do, I can highly recommend Oselli Engineering to do any head/machine work/balancing - they just did my 1200 and, after completing the 10CR, can vouch for the quality of their work. Get the SUcarbs set up by a specialist, on a dyno, who can make up needles to match your individual engine. Follow the basics, do this and you will have a sorted motor and the satisfaction of having put it together yourself.


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Thanks all.

I used to race a mini in the Mighty Mini champs and I know what to expect with hillclimbing. I also know I'd like a little more oomph than standard.

I don't have time to do it myself otherwise I'd love to learn how to. One day perhaps! Until then I need help.

I have a long list of engine mods I've put together from reading hundreds of triumph magazines over the years and have checked the list with a couple of 'experts' who have suggested a couple of tweaks but agreed the mods would create the 'fast road' tuning I'd like.

I just need a decent, triumph friendly, engine expert to put together the engine I'd like. 

There is of course the Corby based company who seemed perfect but I've had a few people suggest I steer clear. Not sure if that's fair or not.

Thanks again.


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Mark who runs Jigsaw Racing is suffering ill health and that is why he has decided to wind up the business. 

He said this on facebook on 21 October:

Today I have to write to all of our fantastic customers and colleagues
That due to my continued health issues
We have had to take the very hard decision to place our company
Into voluntary liquidation
Our business we have loved for the passed twenty five years
Will close its doors with myself and jo at the helm on the 31st of October
I write this with tears of emotion for the job I loved
My feet don’t work like they should which means I am unable to work in a busy work shop environment as I have done all these years
Thank you all
I hope to still be involved in the triumph scene albeit in a lesser capacity
Mark jo

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