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Triumph 1500 engine numbersso I


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hi i’m new to the forum.

I have a 1975 MG Midget with the Triumph 1500 engine. The engine number in the car doesn’t match the log book and the engine in the car has an original engine number FM38556HE which came out of an early 76 Spitfire.

The engine is gold in colour and has ‘+ 020’ stamped under the head gasket. It has another engine number tag attached with silicon sealant on the side of the block with the number RTC2459R 137588

RTC2459R tells me this is a factory reconditioned engine, a gold seal engine.  Is there a way of finding out the date the engine was reconditioned from the remaining number?


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Here's a bit more 

DotSpitfire 1500
world: Nov. 1974 (1975 model year)-Aug. 1980, US/NA: 1973-80
UK/Europe: FH75001 onwards, US: FM28001U onwards (late 1979 & 80 used VIN numbers), U suffix for US, UC suffix for US California, O suffix for cars fitted with overdrive transmissions, L suffix for Right hand drive








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Thanks for the links.  Only BMC is ever mentioned for Gold Seal engines.  Did Triumph supply reconditioned engines for BMC (such as the Triumph 1500 powered MG Midget) as part of the Gold Seal Scheme ?



I'm still trying to date this reconditioned engine.......



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