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Quoted from Marc HF-

Where are you. I have a complete engine here surplus to my needs. It turns but beyond that I would be reluctant to say much more, but it is ready to move on.  I am in Essex if that is any use to you


I'm in Northants, somewhere around here we have 2 engines. We've got 3 Mk3's in the family and we picked up the engines with donor car's along the rebuild process.


I need to speak with my father and find out the condition of each of them but I think If you'r looking to strip them down then there shouldnt be any issues.

Let me know what you're looking to do and I'll find out where they are and what he wants for them.

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I think that the Mk4 camshaft has the same profile as the Mk3 one (25-65-25-65) up until FH25000 (in 1972) when it was de-tuned to a 18-58-18-58 one from the Toledo. So, depending upon what engine you already have, it may be a Mk3 profile cam already.

Also, I think that if you do fit camshaft bearing shells into a "large cam" block, you can carefully knock them in using your old camshaft as a drift, but you'd need to have them line bored afterwards.

Apologies if you know all this already...

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