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6 cylinder engine number prefixes


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Tomorrow I am going to have a look at a six cylinder engine. It came out of a Vitesse, but the owner thought it may be non original and possible be a GT6 engine. He does not sound too knowledgeable and for all I know it may wel be a Saloon engine.
A main clue will be the engine number of course. I am sure I saw somewhere a list of the engine number prefixes but cannot find it.
If I cannot find it, how to distinguish a 1600 from a 2000? And a 2000 from a 2500? Do "small chassis" cars use other mountings compared to TR250/5/6 and Saloon?
Any other obvious differences?

Many thanks in advance.

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Vitesse would usually be HC (early HB) whereas GT6 would be KC.

After all this time engine numbers can only be considered a guide......
......who knows what they've been rebuilt as!

Mk1 engines have the pushrod tubes visible on the head next to the spark plugs.  Nothing with this head pattern will be 2.5.
Very early Mk1 engines have an extra breather arrangement low down on the block by the oil filter.

Former saloon engines can sometimes be identified by the stumps of the engine mount brackets on the front plate.  
It's hard to tell a 2.0 from a 2.5 externally (other than by number and the blocks are common between the two).  The 2.5 has a bigger pulley/damper but this is difficult to spot without the alternative as a reference.


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