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Herald/Toledo Engine Similarities


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Hi Everybody

I recently bought a 1971 Triumph Herald 13/60 which was in a bit of a state with the intention of restoring it
Im fairly new to this and bought it to throw myself in the deep end and learn alot from the experience

I have found that the engine in my car has actually been changed and is not a stock herald engine but is instead a Toledo engine
(Both the 1296cc variation)
So i was just curious to see if dimension wise the GE or GK Herald Engine is the same as a DG Toledo Engine
It appears much easier to source GE and GK parts but not as easy for DG engines so i hope they are the same


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Pretty much identical to the GK engine (as in large bearing crank)
Compression may be slightly lower, and valves bigger? I say might, as stuff does get changed about and it may have just had an exchange short engine at some point.

Only real difference is the sumps are different, and possibly the oil pump pickup pipe.

If you are after service items, buy GK, but even then only crank bearings will be specific. Oil filter etc all herald/spit. Worth checking distributor, could be a 45 off a later car (squarer cap) but most likely still the 22 (cap almost looks like a half sphere in shape)

If there is anything specific ask....

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As Clive says, parts for DG engines are very readily available, they're just marked up as being for GK or FH (or even DH) because Heralds, Mk4 Spitfires, and Dolomites are all more common than Toledos (and nobody seems to get any of them confused with the 1300FWD, unlike Toledos).

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