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vitesse engine number


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hi help needed if possible, been trying to identify my vitesse engine as the engine number has been ground away,  just found written in one of my workshop manuals probably by previous owner, it states engine number post HB27986, any ideas year, cc ect, the car is a 65 1600 convertible  thanx paul

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HB Denotes Vitesse '6' 1596cc.

See Canley Classics site Archive tech info page?

HB     1596cc     Vitesse 6
HC     1998cc     Vitesse 2 litre (I, II)
KC     1996cc     GT6 I, II
KE     1998cc     GT6 III
DG     1296cc     1300 Toledo
DH     1296cc     1300 Dolomite
RD     1296cc     1300 Front Wheel Drive
RF     1296cc     1300 Front Wheel Drive
WB     1493cc     1500 Front Wheel Drive
YC     1493cc     1500 Rear Drive Dolomite
FP     1493cc     MG Midget
MB     1998cc     2000 Mk I
ME     1998cc     2000 Mk II
ML     1998cc     2000 Mk II
CP     2498cc     TR5 very early TR6
CR     2498cc     
MKI 2.5PI Saloon, Estate
(132 bhp good engine!)
or Late TR6
(125bhp not so good engine)

MG     2498cc     MkII 2.5 Pi Saloon, Estate
MM     2498cc     2.5 TC Saloon, Estate
MN     2498cc     2500S, Estate
Note that: DG, DH, WB, YC, FP engines are similar to FH, FM. RD, RF engines are similar to GE, FD.

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