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Spitfire Mk4 Timing, 1500 Engine


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Hi All

Me and Colin aka thescrapman have been trying to time my 1500 engined Mk4 Spitty. Having tried various methods she still won't run.

At first we thought it was the starter as she wants tio run but the starter was disengaging too soon. I bought a brand new starter and that does the same. if you change the ht leads it turns over as normal.

Tonight I followed thia link:

Sorry , link no longer available

and still no running engine.

I've checked the dizzy drive gear to and that is at 10 past 8 with the skinnier part to the top.

Not sure what to do now and I am at a total loss.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Compression test and colour tune and static timing of 13 deg before top dead centre. Check both valves on number one cylinder are closed, the tappets click .  turn the engine over with number one plug out ,is the rotor arm coming up to the number one plug lead position on the dizzy . if it points to number 4 then the drive gear under the dizzy is in 180 deg out. good luck.

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She is now running

I double checked the timing, put new ngk plugs in (I'd put a set in from the service kit I bought from paddocks but they were approx 1/2 inch shorter), took air filter off and noticed the jet on the right side carb was stuck up. Freed this up and got it moving a lot better. She then started first time.

Happy days

Thank you everyone for your help



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