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GT6/Spitfire mk3 engine


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Except rusty GT6's are hard to find. No more at £100

Engine/box/prop/diff/plus rad.
You need a  dizzy with a tacho  drive.

Front suspension complete. Recommend spitfire swingspring at the rear. I ran my 2.5 vitesse with herald rear brakes/shafts for al its life, no issues at all. So the spit drums probably fine (but keep adjusted)

Other front brake option is GT6 disc on existing hub, and princess 4 pot callipers (or modern copies)

And the really tricky bit. Bonnet.

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I like the idea of this conversion because I love my mk3 Spit however I also love the sound (and performance) of the GT6............... does anyone have a converted Spit local to me (Cambs/Suffolk/Norfolk) who would let me have a look and possibly a ride (drive!)?

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if putting the six engine in a spit chassis you 'may' need to also change the front suspension turrets for gt6 ones as the spit ones have mounting holes further apart and fitting the six engine with standard engine mounts is hit or miss,literally,the sump might sit on the steering rack.
I have used shims but it still touches on a hot day or giving it large with the loud pedal,so much so that I am making some poly mounts to fix it once and for all.

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