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herald with spit engine


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hi guys, the engine in my herald convertible is a spitfire 1300 USA high compression model. engine number fd16815he with twin carbs. i am trying to find the correct distributor for it and have been told it should be either the lucas 25d- lucas 45d- or delco remy 202/204 or even the DR 200????? help confused..  i have a 25d in at the moment and it runs (not on road at present) i also have a tatty 45d will look for a delco if necessary. but what difference will it make if i have the wrong one?kinda of stuck as would like this for my daily driver so really has to work as best as is possible. hope someone can give me a clue.
cheers rob

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Probably doesn't matter that much.  The engine would originally had a Delco unit with a tacho drive - which you probably don't need for the Herald. The original vehicle application would be Mk3 Spitfire.

A Herald 13/60 would originally have had a Lucas 25D fitted. The mechanical and vacuum advance curves will have been a little different from the Spitfire, though probably not enough to make a big difference.  A 45D from a Dolomite or Toledo would also fit.

Probably the closest Lucas match for the advance curve would be the one used on a FWD 1300TC as that engine is in the same state of tune as a Mk3 Spit.

Frankly, I think picking the distributor with the least wear is your best bet.


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