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My spare FD engine with ESS suffix


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After moving house over a year ago, I'm finally getting round to sorting out a load of spares and stuff that was in storage, so that I can keep or sell various bits and pieces.

I have a 4 pot engine with number FD433ESS.  I bought it years ago from the daughter of a bloke who had it as a spare for his Herald and then sadly passed away.  It's on standard bores with no wear at all, not even a slight lip at the top of the bore. I've not disturbed the bottom end yet.  I think ES is for a factory spare or replacement engine, but not sure what the other S stands for?  Oddly, it's not a pure FD engine as the cam runs direct in the block, not in bearings like a normal FD engine.  Any ideas?

If I were to sell it, is it worth taking off the sump and checking the BEs and Mains for size, or is it best left as is?  Any idea what a small crank on standard bores/crankshaft is worth these days?

Also, I have a MK4 Spit/Toledo big valve head, which I had skimmed to give a measured CR of 9.6:1 on a 1296.  It comes with new valve guides fitted, good used valves and new Jaguar springs. What's that worth do you think?

Thanks for any help/answers...

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As far as I know the "ESS" does just indicate that it is factory rebuilt unit.  Second S possibly for "short" or supplied without head?

Not sure they were always great quality as the "MG" PI motor I had had a busted crank and the regrind quality (10/10) was horrid - the poor treatment of the fillet radius had caused the breakage.  The other stamped as a Vitesse "HC" motor did not have the correct 308778 cam fitted but a later 2000 saloon one.  To be fair, both examples I've had could have had work done after they'd been factory rebuilt but I wouldn't take anything for granted.


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