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GT6 Mk2 engine - Vitesse Mk2 Head


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Hi .... This is my first posting so please be kind ...

I have a Mk2 GT6 registered in August 1970 - I believe they refer to it as the facelift model as it has the reclining seats, white headlining etc.

The car currently has a Mk2 Vitesse engine - HC prefix in it.

I have managed to get a Mk2 GT6 engine with the required KC prefix (KC5000 - +) however it does not have a cylinder head.

It is my intention to have the engine reconditioned and the head converted to unleaded.

My question is this - Is the head from the HC engine the same as the head from the KC engine?

I am keen to get back to as original as possible so if there is a variation, advice on what I should look for is appreciated.

As an aside, once I get into this forum stuff I will try to post a lot more about the car. It has had an interesting history.

I bought it in 1990, renovated it and sold it to fund a round the world trip in 1992. In 2002 I had the opportunity to buy the car back as the owner had fallen out of love with it ... I did and it has been under cover since that date waiting for me to do the business .... I am getting close to that time however have been avidly collecting parts in the interim ...



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