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I think, from what little I know of the FWD cars, that:
- The block and head are, indeed, the same.
- The pistons and conrods are, and the camshaft should be compatible (the same as one of the variants, anyway).
- I'm not even sure the crankshaft itself isn't the same, though nothing that's attached on the front or rear is.

So the answer depends on whether the question is "can I drop a Spitfire engine straight in?" (to which the answer is clearly 'no') or "if my engine is scrap, can I rebuild it with some bits of a spare Spitfire engine?" (to which the answer is 'it depends').

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A straight engine swap from a spitfire to a fwd triumph can't be done.

But it can be done by swapping things around, you'd need to change the front engine plate,rear engine plate, flywheel, rear main bearing bolts, oil pump, timing chain cover and the front pulley that carries the starter ring, the early 1300fwd pulley will fit spitfire crankshaft, but may keep coming loose 🙁 . You'd also need to plug up the spitfire dipstick hole.

With the possible exception of the pulley all the bit would be on the existing fwd engine


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Quoted from re5rotary
I think you will find the front of the FWD crank has a taper on it whereas the Spitfire crank is plain. All to do with the loading of the ring gear   regards terry

Early 1300fwd's had an identical crankshaft (#307422) to the mkIII spitfire up to engine number RD48537E in late '67, which is when the TC was introduced. His car is a pre August '67 car, so if original would have the parallel nosed crankshaft.

Triumph found they had a problem with the crankshaft nut coming undone, hence the change to the tapered nose.  

I hope that clears up any confusion


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Quoted from Nick Jones
AFAIK the Spit Mk3 engine is the same as the FWD 1300 TC, same head, compression ratio, cam and fitted with cam bearings.


I'm not 100% on this but I believe the Mk3 spit had a comp' ratio of 8.5:1 and the 1300TC had 9.0:1, other than that I think they're the same spec'

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