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Engine number help


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No, it's been changed.  GT6 would be KE prefix.

Block at least is from a Mk1 PI saloon, TR5 or early-ish TR6.  Could well be a 2.5 and even in a decent state of tune if in original trim to match the "CP" prefix.

Could also be a 2L rebuilt with a donor block after dropped thrust washers or similar disaster though this is perhaps less likely.


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If you've got the head off (so that you can see whether the pistons are domed) then you can tell the difference absolutely by measuring the stroke. Turn the crank until one pair of pistons are at BDC and measure how deep they are. Three inches (76mm) means it's a 2L while nearer four (95mm) is a 2.5

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Was it already fitted to the GT6? If so what induction system did it come with?

Don't let that crank out of your sight. Make sure the oilways are thoroughly cleaned if you have it reground.

Triple twin chokes 🤔  what that engine was designed for, was a set of triple throttle bodies and a Lucas PI metering unit 😎

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