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What engine oil to use?


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First number is the oil thickness when cold
Second number is when hot, but refers to the oil thickness when cold Sounds confusing!

What it means, taking 20-50 oil as an example, it behaves like a straight 20 oil when cold, but at operating temp it behaves like a 50 oil. so it does not thin as much as expected. This is good news, You want an oil to be "thin" and easy flowing when cold, but don't want it to be so thin that is is useless when hot.

In addition to the "weight" of the oil tere is another specification, usually sf/sg/sh/sj etc and refers additives.

There are some very cheap 20/50 oils out there with no spec. I believe these are recycled oils, may or may not be any good, but why take the risk.
Halfords and comma (same stuff) do a classic oil, should be OK. If you drive your car at all ahrd I would recommend Valvoline VR1, usually a code available from eurocarparts and about £25 a tub. If better still, penrite or millers css 20-50 or even 20-60 (the latter was VERY good when I used it, and will be putting it in my other trimph once leak free)

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To learn about oils, read a little book "Which oil" by Richard Michell, Pub.Veloce.  http://www.veloce.co.uk/shop/p.....%20Modification&
Michell's career was in the oil industry, and he has been a classic car owner for as long, so he is well placed to teach us about oils.

(No connection with author or publisher, but have bought and read the book!)

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