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Engine identification help!


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Recent purchase of a mk3 spitfire, I believe it has hs4 carbs and more investigation into the engine has thrown up more questions! Engine number is missing the second letter! Can anyone help me identify if it's a 1300 or 1500!

Engine number is : F 40752HF
to miss the second letter?

Very much a novice so would appreciate any help!


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Both 1300 and 1500 engines have identical block height.   What size is the crank pulley nut? If it's 1.5", you've got the correct Mk3 1296cc small bearing engine, If the nut is 1 & 13/16th, it's either a 1300 Mk4 or a 1500 engine. If it is the larger nut, you'll have to take a plug out and either use a bit of stiff wire to guestimate the stroke, or use a pipette to measure the volume difference between top dead centre  and bottom dead centre.

Another point is most 1500's would have a single rail gearbox fitted. It would be unusual to mate one to a 3 synchro Mk3 box.

At least with the number beginning with F, you know it's some sort of spitfire engine!

Edited to ask: Are you reading the number from the V5 or the engine block?

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