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My Spitfire IV engine stopped and won't start!

Ray Perkins

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My mark IV spitfire has had a full service very recently ( new plug, points, condenser, new  carb jets etc) and it has been running a treat.

This afternoon, I decided to replace my dead fuel tank sender. When I removed the old one it was horribly rusty. I fitted the new one, which got the fuel gauge working and took the car for a spin. All was well.

A bit later, I took the car for another trip, at which point it embarrassed itself by starting to run rough, finally stalling and refusing to start. I managed to restart it, but it kept running rough and got me home before stopping again and refusing to start at all.

I suspect a fuel problem.D

I am getting fuel to the carbs, but I wonder if particles of rust from the old sender have got into the carbs and caused blockages?

If so where do I need to look for trouble?

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Check points have not closed up first.  Many of those currently available are so rubbish that the heel sits at an angle on the cam and wears down really fast initially, closing up the gap.  If that isn't the issue, try putting the old condenser back in.  


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If you want to check fuel is getting through the jets, or at least check they are clear, get a length of fuel hose or similar with a well cut end. Take the carb tops off, press the hose against the jet top and blow, should get air flowing up into the float chamber.

I see where you ar coming from with the grot in fuel idea. Best to fit a cheap disposable fuel filter, somewhere near the fuel pump is easiest.

But agree, new service items worry me a lot. So first check would be for spark.....

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