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what   is the car supposed to be  ??

a well set up 1600 is no slouch  

the carbs and dizzy are all different specs but being ancillaries can get swapped

1600 has a thin single shim steel head gasket,  thats not easy to see.

the only way is to check the bore ,

all other parts are common across the 1600/mk1 2 ltr range

1600   67 mm bore 76 mm stroke

mk1 2 ltr  74 mm bore    76mm stroke


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book figures are  0-60

1600 solex  17.6sec   strombergs  15.5 secs
2ltr Mk1    12.6 sec
2ltr  mk II    11.9secs  

my 1600 pulled better than a mates TR7 so who knows , I never timed her  .it was quick when i sold her.

dont forget speedo tolerances are 10% +4mph  so  reading 60 could only be doing only 51

best to use a sat nav to check the speed readings

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