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Fast Road Engine


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Hello - I am just embarking on a 'body off' rebuild of my tired TR6 - my vision is that it will be a high spec fast road TR.  I'm looking for recommendations on an performance engine rebuilder.  I'm in Hampshire but don't really care where in the UK the rebuilder is - as long as they are good.  Thanks

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they are quite basic engines and not hard to put together,but only if one feels confident in doing so and has the tools and space.all the important machining will have to be done by a competent machine shop anyway.

a professional builder will probably charge an arm and a leg to do it but it will(should)be done properly and carry some sort of warranty if something goes wrong.

you can buy a short recon engine and add the head and ancilliaries yourself but for a decent performing engine it really needs a bespoke build.

there is a wealth of advice and experience on this forum so don't be put off having a go yourself.

i will let others give recommendation,i have no experience of any as i do my own work. :)

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There are a number of places that would sort you out.

Expenditure may be very high at some of them. Some can take a very long time to turn things around.

Firstly decide what you want.

Just an optimised standard engine? head work? tubular exhaust manifold (now there is a minefield!) etc etc

Are you keeping PI? Or do you fancy Webers? Or even EFi?

If going away from PI, then a different style of camshaft is possible, (non-PI profiles in a PI car can be disappointing, and very thirsty)

Spend some time trawling the archives on the forum, and come back and ask questions.

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