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1968 2000 viteese saloon engine bits


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Wooden bits are at the front of the engine not the back so it won't be them.

Possibilities are:

- It's the gearbox leaking - are you sure it's engine oil?
- Rear crankshaft oil seal is leaking.  If a new seal was fitted as part of the rebuild it may be struggling because there was a groove worn in the crank by the old seal.  With most of the seal housings there is a fair range of seal fitting position available so it should be possible to fit a seal so it runs on an unworn part of the crank.  Alternatively fit a speedy sleeve.
- Seal housing is leaking where it's fitted to the block or because someone has forgotten to use copper washers under the bolts that need them (top one IIRC)
- Oil gallery blanking plug at the back end of the main oil gallery is not tight/not sealing properly.

All of the above are bad news as gearbox/clutch/flywheel/backplate have to come off for access.

Based on a recent experience of mine, it is also worth checking that the rearmost gallery plug on the side of the engine is not leaking because when it does  the path of the leaking oil looks alot like a leak from within the bell housing but is much easier to fix (thankfully!).  Rocker cover or head gasket leaks at the rear of the engine could give the same effect.

Good luck.....


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