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Herald 1360 Engine in a 1500


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Hi all,

It's been a while since I posted anything and now that I am I'm sad to say that I'm selling my beloved Spitfire. It's been off the road for over two years while I've been too broke to address any real issues. Now I've made the big decision and it's on ebay for someone to restore it to former glory while I buy something road worthy and start slightly further up the ladder.

So I'm back and will be loitering around giving the odd two pence worth. As always there is so much to read! I've just spend almost an hour flicking through Wimpus' progress!

My first question is whether anyone has come across a 1500 with a Herald 1360 GE (small crank) engine? There's a slightly tatty Spitfire on ebay with one in that fits my meagre budget and I'm wondering whether they are to be avoided, celebrated or otherwise.... It's a long way from me so I'm trying to assess as much as I can through armchair research.

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That particular Spitfire is now sold so the combination will remain a mystery in case anyone is interested.

Budget Spit's in reasonable condition becoming more and more scarce...

Seems to be increased interest in classic cars in general I think.

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