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Triumph 1500 engine swap


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My friend has offered me his 1500 which has managed to wreck its engine somehow, it has tax and test , paints bit tatty, he's said £100 i'm sure he'll go lower, does that sounds reasonable

right real question, its got the original engine with an autobox : ( . so what engines will go in? will a sprint engine go in with a manual box,

ideas or suggestions greatly apppreciated  ;D

edit- whats the going rate for a sprint engine and box?

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To convert a 1500 auto to Sprint (I'm assuming manual with o/d) will be a lot of work. You'll need the engine, gearbox, propshaft, axle, subframe, gearbox tunnel, clutch pedal and hydraulics, brake servo and balancing valve, and a host of other minor ancilliaries. My advice, forget it. £100 for the car sounds reasonable if it's tidy-ish and MOT'd/MOT-able. It would be easier to fix it up as a 1500 again and possibly as a manual. I've always said that a 1500HL manual with o/d was the best car in the range as a daily driver anyway. Let us know what you decide to do.

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thats tad disapointing, sounds like its best starting with a sprint to begin with ,
I'll prob take the car off his hands anyway because its cheap and he can't fix it, i'll investigate my options, making it fast would be a preferance. but than i do have my gt6 and motorcycle, so saving it from scrappy will be first thing

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1500 auto's are actually really nice cars to drive, superb if you do a lot of town driving. Fix it up as is and modify it later, I think you'll find it surprisingly easy to live with. I had one for a while some years ago but, due to doing a lot of motorway miles, I converted it to manual overdrive. All you need for that conversion is the gearbox and flywheel, clutch, clutch pedal and hydraulics, and gearbox tunnel and parcel shelf. I don't remember needing to change the prop either. Full marks for saving it  ;)

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It turns out the fella with the sprint engine and gearbox is actually stripping the sprint and scrapping the shell , if i managed to secure all the bits mentioned in the first post does the shell need much cutting about?

He offered me the shell if i'm interested at this rate i may go from passing interest in dolomites to having two non runners  :-/ :P

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I'm not a Dolomite expert, but the Sprint has a much stronger (heavier & bigger) axle than the 1500.

a) you want to get that.
b) check what else you need to make it fit the 1500 shell.

I suppose an unscrupulous person could take both cars, and recreate the Sprint using the 1500 shell and Sprint commision plates?

Where does identity begin & end?

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matt123 wrote:
what do non running sprints in bad condition go for?

Peanuts !

A whole donor car will certainly give you all the bits you need. Shame that another Sprint dies  :(. There are a few minor differences in the shell. For instance you would have to drill your own bolt holes for the brake balance valve. As Richard says you could use your 1500 to re-shell the Sprint. Try VOSA, it can be done legally apparently. You are still looking at a lot of work to transfer everything over, let alone have to refurbish anything as you go (brake and clutch hydraulics etc etc). It could get expensive quite quickly. Bitter experience blah blah  ;). Whatever you decide to do, plenty of help here.

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you can transplant the sprint engine and box complete on the subframe with all the suspension goodies.  you'll need the subframe coz the engine mounts are different.  also gbox mount.  sprint shox/springs are bigger lb-age so swap them too, engine heavier.

you'll defo want the axle.
1-its 3.45 diff
2-its bigger and stronger
3-its slightly wider track so improves handling
4-back brakes are bigger

if you change the axle you also need the rear tie bars coz they're slightly offset for the bigger axle

you'll probably need the gearbox tunnel, and 99% certain you'll need the propshaft.

other bits - rad (i sort of lump that in under 'engine')
dash with associated wiring?

cant think of much else off the top of my head, but good luck with it whatever you decide to do.

donor non running sprint value - most of the value is in the shell, if thats rotten but the rest is pretty much directly usable, the salvage could be worth anything from a few hundred to 1k if parted.  also depends on why its not running.

rotten and unknown - offer him something daft 100-200, you may get it, get all the bits you need and sell the left overs and make a profit!

PS - you wont need to cut anything, just the mountings for the bias valve on the axle as mentioned.  those springy things are crap anyway, i'd get a manual valve.

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My mate has said i can have the 1500 for £90 so I will get it towed round to mine tomorrow prob and have a butchers at the engine and do a compression test and see if you lot can help me pin point whats up with the engine

as for engine swaps... what are the known things people have put in to a dolomite/1500

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things done successfully im aware of:
lots of fast roads with standard lumps but different cams, carbs etc
sprint engine but with EFI
sprint engine with NOS
essex 3.0 v6 (pointless downgrade, crap, heavy, mild fast road is better)
several 3.5 rover v8s
theres an XE or 2, and a toledo with XE
think theres a diesel somewhere
2 cosworths, 1 being alg1k with about 700hp

several tolos with sprint running gear
few tolos with 1500 (there were some 1500's out the factory)

a dolo nearly got a V8 lump from a cerbera but unfortunately didnt get finished

bound to be others tho. few other donor suggestions have incuded duratec, k series, honda s2000, mazda mx5 and a few 4wd possibilities that would most likely be complete floor swaps and too much work for mortal man to consider...

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As already mentioned, 1500 autos are a really nice drive, so if you keep it as it is you may be surprised. 1500 manual with overdrive is one of the best Dolomites, so thats another option and is an easy conversion. I would certainly tidy it up and see how it drives before making any decision on using it to reshell a Sprint. I wouldnt mind betting that there are fewer 1500s left than Sprints now so fair play for saving it. Nice one.

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