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sprint engine rattle please help


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since rebuilding the sprint engine i have had it running after a few problems. i got it out of the garage and about to take it for mot when the fuel pump snapped. i have now put a short arm pump of it with out spacers. it seems to run but it struggles. it also has a major rattle which was not there before. i have tried turning the engine over by hand and it makes a clicking noise at the top front end (sounds like). i have removed the fuel pump to make sure this was not rattling . the clicking noise is always happening and not in time with valves opening. have done compression test all ok. have people got any ideas for what the rattle is or any other tests i can do, please as i dont want another engine rebuild. if any one needs more info i have it. thanks for your time



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Don't think i can help but you have my sympathies.

My Sprint engine rattles a fair buit but it is made up of second hand bits&pieces. :B

rattle from the top front end?

Have you tried taking off the cylinder head cover and rotating it then by hand? I wonder if there is anything obvious you could spot for example :-/

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Hi again

i have removed the timing cover and removed the chain and sprockets. i checked the sprockets and they are all very damaged. the timing was also a tooth out.

i have bought new sprockets the chain is also new and the tensioner with the guides.

i have now tried to put this back together but when i try and time it up between the cam and crank i am 1/2 a tooth put or a tooth. when the cam is in line wiith bearig cap and the crank on tdc the chain does not want to go on.

any suggestions please would be grateful as i dont want to be stripping this again.


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Beware the crank timing marks they are not always correct, you really need a dial gauge to get the top dead centre correct  you may well then find that things work out ok

The only other alternative is to get it as close as you can and "try it" they are usually fine.

To be really fussy and accurate you will need a vernier pulley which is somewhat expensive.


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