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1300 TC engine numbers

Dave N

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Hi All

Hope you don't mind a Herald owner intruding!!  ;)

I have bought a Triumph Herald 13/60 to restore and discovered the engine isn't the original 1300 GE engine.

After some research it appears to come from a 1300 FWD. The number on the block is RF9045HE.

Some people suggest it is from a 1300TC whilst others think it is from a straight 1300. I found a single carb manifold in the boot that suggests it isn't from a TC.

Can anyone tell me what I have lurking under the bonnet?

Thanks Dave

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Hi Dave

Yes RF prefix is definitely 1300TC the single carb would have the prefix RD. The TC engine is more or less the same as the MKIII spitfire. the front pulley is normally the only giveaway as the fwd pulley has 6 bolt holes in it to attach the starter ring carrier.

Would the single carb manifold not be original 13/60 item ?


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Hi Gordon

The engine has a single carb manifold attached and one in the boot. I haven't compared the two. The pain of the car being at the folks 100 miles away.  :(

Looks like I am on to a bit of a winner!

Thanks for the reply and info,


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