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Info on Engine Numbers


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I heard once that early 2500TC engines between MM1 and MM20000 had the same cam as the later TR6's and PI's

Can anyone verify this or reccomend a website that can help.

The car is an NZ built CKD model made in April 1975

Engine No. is MM3434HE

Runs twin SU HS4 carbs

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As far as I know you are probably spot on.... I didn't know the engine numbers but it sounds about right.... I doubt there were anywhere near 20,000 such motors made.. but from 74-75 the 2500 was fitted with the "three ring" late PI cam.

After that (May 75?) they fitted HS6's and a very mild 10-50 50-10 duration cam which gave very good low end torque but not much else.

Oz motors had a MK prefix in 73... before the UK 2500TC was released

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Thanks Andy,

I also read somewhere that all CKD engines started with MK but maybe it was just the Aussie versions.

I few months ago a saw an advert for an early 2500TC, it had the prefacelift grill and was shown in the pic's running twin strombergs. It was deffinately a NZ ad so they may have brought in a few aussie ones or tried , making them also.


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