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My engine and box change.


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Well a start needed to be made and started it has been.

I've fitted the pedal box,I had to redrill all the mounting holes in the bulkhead by about 5mm but only because I'm using a mk2 box in a mk1 and it appears to sit slightly off centre to the other.
I've left the parcel shelf unfitted for now as when I remove the current linkage operated
throttle I'll need to drill and bolt a mk2 cable pedal up.
The clutch master cylinder is bolted up and already has a slave on the end and is full of fluid as it was removed from the old donor car (only done about 3000 miles at a guess).

On saturday I have some kind friends helping pull out this engine and box and fitting the new ones.
I'm fortunate that my work have allowed me to use the heated workshop complete with 4 post lift and a forklift with an engine hoist attachment.
It'll be nice to have plenty of space and tea and coffe facilities....oh and places to empty said items ;D
Also we can use the drain tank and discard old oil etc rather than it cluttering my garage unil I can be bothered to take it for disposal :B

I'm hoping I've got everything....I'm pretty sure but you know what its like.

I need to remove the auto badge off the rear...I can see one pin holding it on but the other appears to be behind the boot strengtheners.....any ideas?

I shall update this with progress and hopefully some pictures as work progresses.


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piman wrote:
Hello Alex,

the badges prise off (carefully), they just plug into plastic sleeves in the holes in the metalwork.


Alec, the raeson I ask is I can only see one sleeve.
I intend to fit an o/d badge but need to be sure it'll still stay......?

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But its the personal pain of remembering it was once an automatic......oh the shame :)

I took a trip to wilkinson's tonight and picked up two 5 litre can's of 20-50 oil a litre of comma gearoil and a litre of comma clutch/brake fluid all for about £17.

The plan is to put clean cheap oil in then run it till its hot,then change the oil all before its been driven.
I'll then do about 100-200 miles and change it again for some quality oil.

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Hi Alex,

Don't know if it's any real use, but...

I have seen folks attach a speaker magnet to the sump (somewhere near the drain?) in order to catch swarf etc. Possiblyy more effective than a magnetic sump plug.

Good luck with the swap!

PS Antifreeze? I might consider a selection of new jubilee clips, too.

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Well its in and running and exhaust fitted 8)

Lots of little issues to overcome but most have been,some temporary others quality adjustments ;)

Lots of 'bits' still to do but thanks to Mark Bland its on the home straight, couldnt of done it this fast without his help and guidance.
So big thanks Mark :)

I'll put some pictures up tomorrow as I'm very tired now and want my bed......but I'm happy to ;)

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Rust_Spot wrote:
Blimey - that's a lot to do in one day.  Nice work!

Are you happy with the results then???

Happy? oh yes ;D

My anti roll bar is fouling on the brakes,I think I fitted the engine x member the wrong way round which puts the anti roll bar back about 2 inches......I think this will sort that.

Also seem to have a metalic type noise when taking up drive,its fine idling but as soon as I try to move off it makes a noise a bit like rusty brakes.....
I guess further investigation is required,but I also touched the heater box lowering the engine in(or removing the old one) not much but it sprung a leak :'(  anyone know where I can get one or an easy way to remove one?

All the same very pleased with the result,and have to be so grateful to Mark as without him I'd never have got finished in one weekend.


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Alex wrote:
I also touched the heater box lowering the engine in(or removing the old one) not much but it sprung a leak :'(  anyone know where I can get one or an easy way to remove one?

I asked the removal question a few months ago.

Undo the suspension crossmember and bounce the front up, just enough space to get the heater out. Though you make need to remove rocker cover, and/or rockers and or the head.

Take the engine out to gain better access... :-)

And get your matrix repaired, good one are a bit thin on the ground.

Would also be an ideal time to replace all the foams in the airbox.


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Well heres a few pictures.....it was a bit hard to keep taking pictues as we were so busy due to the workshop deadline.
I had to get the whole job done and cleared up by close of play sunday....

We had the engine out, the new one made up, gearbox fitted, exhaust fitted and it running by about 11.30pm.
This includes a working clutch and a few issue's to overcome.

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