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Petrol tank filler cap


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I have found out the hard way that the 3 pronged bayonet cap fitment on the Herald and Vitesse seems rather unique. Seemingly unable to locate a decent chrome locking cap, I 'invested' less than £2 on a new seal for the old one from Rimmers. It doesnt fit! (part no RS1441 with 'multiple applications') The new seal is 50mm O.D but the cap is 45mm.  I have emailed Rimmers and they are suggesting that maybe my cap is not original. It certainly looks original to me but I would appreciate if someone could measure the I.D of their cap compared to mine. It may prevent future mistakes like mine where I chucked the original part, 'confident' that a replacement was available!  I did manage to trim it down, but doesnt anyone sell the correct part?

Fuel cap.jpg

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