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WHich 2000 engine is this


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Wonder if you guys can help, according to Canley my Engine ME35846HE is a Mk2 2000, I think the HE = high compression.  Can any one shed any more light, I've come across a number of differing performance details for 2000 saloon engines. I'm interested in,
Year of manufacture
And anything else that you might know,
Many thanks,

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That's an early 2000 Mk2 engine late 71ish . Flat top pistons & 3.300" head . 32mm exhaust valves . 9:2.5 comp . 90 Bhp rated on twin Strombergs . Same engine as used in GT6 Mk2 with the PI 308778 cam ..  Yours should have the lower lift cam . (306425 ??)
Does have issues with running on & pinking on lower grade fuel .
All this info off the top of my head so don't quote me !

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Basically yes ... That was the only difference apart from maybe different needles ( 6J & different springs ) .
The PI cam 308778 is an excellent cam in a 2000 engine especially with a matched / flowed inlet manifold .
I've run one in my Mk1 2000 now for years with excellent results . As to wether you'd "feel" the extra Bhp perhaps not but the extra torque and smoothness is definately noticable ... MPG wasn't affected either .
PM me if you require a cam .... Dave

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