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2500 engine running good


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ok went to the essex club meet last week Radders introduced me to the guys at the hurdle makers arms, i got some good advice from Davemate, Scrapman, Radders, cant remember all the names but there a friendly bunch, the engine in my car was running pretty rough and lacked power didnt pull well at all, the following Saturday i gave it a compression test the dry test gave 100 psi on all six cylinders the wet test varied between 140 psi and 160 psi but its difficult to put the same amount of oil down each cylinder so this could account for the different results on the wet test,and i tested each cylinder with the other five spark plugs still in place may be i should have took all the spark plugs out? next i took the dash pots off the su carbs the jets were flush with the carb bridges as Davemate said they should be but the pistons and dash pots were bunged up with dirt i cleaned them up with carb cleaner took it for a blast up the A130 it now drives like a different car so thanks guys. also im after a heater matrix if any ones got one mines nackered

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hi colin the valve in the heater matrix must have scaled up over the years and is stuck shut, ive been giving it some heat with a small blow torch and put some industrial descaler in the matrix but it wont budge theres not much to get a  spanner or grips on either, as you look at the valve from under the dash board ive been trying to turn it clockwise is this the right way  to open it? ive reckon ive spent about 6 hours so far trying to move it and decided to try and find another matrix instead

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You can buy new valves, so not as bad as taking out the whole heater.

Theoretically you are supposed to put a screw in the end of teh valve and withdraw it. You will have 2 hopes of that, and one of them is Bob.

I managed to free mine eventually buy regular soaking with decent releasing fluid, and getting a spanner onto the flats on the end and gently trying to move it. Once the end plate is removed it will rotate 360 degrees.It may also pop out when freed.

I had thought mine was turning but by the time I realised the valve was stuck I had mushed the bit of metal that goes on the end of it.

Careful filing and araldite soon fixed that!



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il get some plus gas then and just keep soaking it, as a last resort il try a screw exstractor or  il make a small puller as i read some have done in the past, whats the diametre of the small screw in the centre of the valve and is it unf? yes Dave and colin il see you at the next club meet

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