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Mk1 engine bay similarity to Stag?


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I'm new to big Triumphs after buying a Mk1 estate recently (having previously been a long time Vitesse owner) so sorry if this is a dumb question.

Just how similar is the engine bay of a Mk1 to that of a Stag?  I guess what I'm really asking is whether putting a Rover V8 into a Mk1 the same as putting it into a Stag and specifically will stuff like Monarch engine mounts work equally well in the Mk1?

I've got quite a nice RV8 sitting doing nothing and the idea of it in the estate is very appealing!

I'm not averse to a little welding/basic fabrication if needed but if I can keep things simple even better as I want it be spend as much time on the road and as little in bits as possible.


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it can be done, It has been done. Engine mounts are different, Stag has welded brackets on inner rails, 2000/2.5 bolts to the engine crossmember. Stag transmission tunnel is wider and can accomodate twin silensers.

I have been told that the Saloon/Estate is slightly narrower between the struts turrets than a Stag.

I think there are more Stag engined Saloons and Estates than 3.5/4.0 ones.

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Thanks guys, I'm building up to having a go at this but the car drives pretty nicely (ignoring overheating and boiling brakes in the hot weather during the weekend just gone!) but I'm worried about taking it off the road and never getting it back on again. So I want to think it through as much as possible before I dive in!

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