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PI engine reassembly torques...


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Hi all  :)

I'll be starting to bolt my Mk2 PI's engine back together tomorrow, so I've been checking torque figures. There are some big discrepancies between the late works manual (which I ought to trust) and the recent TRGB articles in Practical Classics (which might include more contemporary wisdom), so if you've recently bolted an engine back together, what did you use for the following?

Fixing: works manual / TRGB (all in lbft)

Bearing cap to block: 50-65 / 60
Connecting rod: 38-45 / 46 (my engine is fitted with regular bolts, no washers, not the washer-faced, stretch bolts)
Sump to engine: 16-20 / 20
Oil pump to block: 7-9 / 22!
Cylinder head to block: 50-65 / 80!
Rocker pedestal to cylinder head: 26-32 / 34

Thanks  ;)

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Richard_B wrote:
Go careful on the sump bolts where they go into aluminium at the front and the back of the block.

Make sure you have the right length bolts for those locations and don't over tighten them.   :)

Two at the front into bridge piece and two at the rear into the oil seal housing?

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The sump's back on, with all four longer bolts at the rear - they didn't want to fit in the front...

I'll tell you one thing, I'd like to travel back in time to meet the sadist that engineered the sump to have 23 bolts...and punch them...hard... ;D

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