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MC engine number


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So, after chinwagging with fellow Register member John at the NEC last week, I learned that there was a MC engine fitted to the last (facelifted) MkI 2000s  ;D

Apparently they're super smooth and feel more torquey than the MB engine spec.

Much debate has happened on the Register forum, but there's not been a definitive answer yet. Does anyone know the spec of this unrecorded engine?!  ::)

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Myself and john have often talked about this in the past ... Sometimes a heated discussion :)
The very last Mk1 engines were MC stamped .. They used the same cam / head as the earlier engine and also Mk2 crank bearing sizes ( which was used on all post '67 engines anyway .
I personally can't agree there any smoother or more torquey than the earlier pre '67 engines ... In fact I'd always go for the earlier engine because it revs better and has the much lighter crank .
That's my view and I'm sticking with it ! :)

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Yes, there are differences in the piston gradings, I think you will find the size of the piston on the MC engine is a few thou smaller, and the crankshaft had a different scroll and rear seal and was longer in length when placed up next to the earlier mk1 crank? (hence the MC marking) I am only guessing here from what I remember when working for the Triumph garage all those few years ago. Go for the earlier engine, there's more and want end up giving you a headache  ;)
Coming to think about it, the MC engine was more refined without altering the specs???
Oh I must include that these are my own opinions and I have been wrong many times before  ;D

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All the Mk1 engines have a long back crank ... 3 different cranks in Mk1 2 Litre Saloon engines .. Early type with scroll / cast iron rear housing ... Later crank had alloy housing with conventional seal ( as Mk2) ... Very late Mk1 cranks inc MC used Mk2 bearing sizes .
Also to note that up to '66 Mk1 blocks used the smaller cam follower .687" .. All later ( inc Mk2) had the .800" follower .

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