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Heater matrix hoses and engine cleaning


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Can anyone (a general concensus of owners would be preferable) tell me how their heater matrix hoses are plumbed in on their UK spec cars?

Looking at the bulkhead on my car, the top pipe goes off to the left hand head and the bottom hose is connected to the steel pipe running up the vee.

However, looking at the triumph manual (Leyland), it shows the connection the other way around.

Which way is yours?

Also - can anyone recommend an engine cleaner - preferably one that doesn't require too much effort to degrease the block and rinses off easily.


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Hi Chris,there are two types of cooling system layouts for the heater. The earlier system has it as you describe and the later system from LD 10195 has the opposite i.e. top pipe along the V and bottom pipe across to LH head.

Engine cleaner-Gunk Spray has always worked for me

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