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Stag with 2500 engine


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On offer locally is a cheap Stag which, as every car has, has minor points and plus points.
Big thing is that it is equipped with a 6 cylinder 2500 engine. This runs very good, with the 4 + OD box.
Also a Saloon manual steering box is fitted.
Both the original engine and power steering box are not with the car.

Would this mean that a Saloon crossmember is fitted?
What about the gearbox - I don't know if it is the Stags original box or a Saloon box. Are these the same or what is the difference?
Same for the differential. What are the differences, how can I check?

The car is a bit of a project as it has not been on the road for many years. Its interior is stripped.
And the soft top is missing, the frame is broken at one point. There's no hardtop.
Steel wheels without trims (car is a June 1972, which would mean late Mk1?).
All arches have new arches welded in, but need (a lot of) finishing.

Plus points are good bumpers, new fitted sills, and very little rust elsewhere, front and rear valances are remakably good. Seats and door panels without rips.
The exhaust is, apart from the manifold, stainless steel. Engine has hardened valve seats.

Too many negative points?
I quite like a Stag, don't mind the six cyl. engine as this would give the possibility to let it run on LPG (as is my daily 2500) to replace my Saloon as a daily car.
Soft tops are expensive - from 400 pounds?

Needs some thinking about....


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I know the Stag has a stronger gearbox than the saloons, because I know some people (eg Alan Chatterton on the forum) have had saloon gearboxes made up with Stag internals to handle increased power from tweaked engines. The standard gearbox is normally fine for a standard 2.5 engine though. Don't know how to tell them apart visually though - just know they are different.

2.5 engine not as powerful as the original - but I would think it would push you along ok if you're not worried about originality.

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Well a mildly tuned 2.5 would give comparable power to a Stag, think PI + 6-3-1 or 2500S + TH5 cam and 6-3-1, (speak to Chris Witor).

and the Stag was originally designed around that engine, just that Spen King insisted on a new engine for his flag-ship car. I believe that Harry Webster when he was Triumph's Technical Director originally intended to release the Stag with the 6 pot and then migrate to the V8.

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[quote by=gilesdive link=Blah.pl?b=stag,m=1168423839,s=1 date=1168454116] Don't know how to tell them apart visually though - just know they are different.

To tell the difference between a Stag box and a 2000/2500/TR6 box try standing it upright on the bellhousing end. The Stag input shaft is longer to take account for the adapter plate, so it wont stand on end. A 2000/2500/TR6 box will.


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Bit difficult with the engine and gearbox fitted though? If the box is a 2000-2500 then the serial number will begin MB or ME or MG stamped on the side of the casing. I would not have thought the Stag box would have been fitted without mods as Taylormoran is quite correct the input shaft is longer. This is accomodated by the Stag gearbox adapter plate. Also the Stag (and TR's) has an 1-1/4'' input shaft whereas the Saloon has the 1'' input shaft.

Go for it if the bodywork is ok and you like 6-pot's :) I do.

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From memory as I am a long way from my reference book at present:
LD - Normal Stag prefix
LE - US model
BW suffix signifies originally supplied with automatic gearbox (O would be overdrive. No suffix indicates plain 4-speed manual)
Can't remember what the L in LBW means.
Some engines have an ESS suffix. This indicates factory exchange replacement engine (usually under warranty).


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[quote by=wakaday link=Blah.pl?b=stag,m=1168423839,s=3 date=1168517515]Go for it.  You have nothing to lose if the price is right.[/quote]

[quote by=Richard_B link=Blah.pl?b=stag,m=1168423839,s=5 date=1168525161]Go for it if the bodywork is ok and you like 6-pot's :) I do.[/quote]

Well, I have taken the plunge!
End of the month I will be the new owner of the Stag, which will be the 6th Triumph I have owned or still own.
Must decide what to do first: make it roadworthy, which means refitting the interior, bumpers, repair the softtop frame, get a softtop and get the annual inspection. Or put a lot more effort in it and have it resprayed etc.

When I get the car, I will take some pictures and post them.

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