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Weight of a 3.0l v8 engine and gearbox


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Hi I was chasing the weight of the 3.0L v8 engine with a 4 speed box with the J type overdrive. Being the knobhead I am I did not weigh when I pulled it out of my 75 stag. I am replacing the engine with a toyota soarer v8 but keeping the original box. Just got to sort out the suspension with the different weight in engines due to a engineers requirement .


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Howdy Nick , thanks for the reply. I should've weighed the whole power pack when I removed it but I did'nt. Same as you about the gearbox , but I don't flog cars anymore. It should be possibly OK If I drive it sedately. I'll take out the Cobra instead. Can bolt a Dellow housing straight on now and a Supra 5 speed If the Triumph box fails. Then fit a BMW Monarch diff as well, I'm well aware of the torque difference, I just wanted to try the Triumph box at the time. Hopefully I'll get a bit of wheel slip before shaft and axle twistoff. Ha Ha It's been fun anyway.
I'll send you some photos of the whole project which is about 2 weeks from completion. The car has not been butchered to fit the 1UZ-FE motor. Not even a bonnet blister, and the motor is central in the car. Engine mountings are from old engine with low brackets fabricated to fit the Quadcam motor, front crossmember lowered 20 mm with packers. I live in WA and will be back in town in two weeks, as I'm working offshore, to finalise the project with the auto engineer to sign the car as roadworthy with all mods done during transplant. The total weight of the 1UZ-FE and all ancillary gear, gearbox etc. is 272 kg or 599.6 lbs. in the car ready to roll. I have to change out the front springs also to Monarch's lower types as the front of the car is like a preying Mantis at the moment.
                                              Regards Knobhead

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