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Engine preheater


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Sure your choke settings are not too rich?
For around 8 years I used mine as a daily driver in the depths of the European winter.  With a cooling system and thermostat in good working order the choke was pushed home within around 2-3kms.
Used a bit more fuel during warm-up but not so much to cause concern.  
Being that Stag engines warm up so quickly, I wonder how much one of those thingymajigs would actually help.
But to answer your question specifically, no, I have not tried one.  My current Saab doesn't even have one.  To be honest, I hadn't heard about pre-heaters when I lived in NZ - only heard about 'em when I came here.
Maybe there are some folks with them fitted - in the north such as Norway or Caledonia?


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I used a Kenlowe preheater I found in a scrappies on my PI saloon about 15 years ago, that was a great bit of kit for cold winter days, however when it died I didn't feel the need to replace it at the price it was for a new one.

So saying, the ebay pumps are relatively cheap and might be worth a go.

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In that case your money would probably be better spent converting the carb to a manual choke.


When I got mine I found another site that was doing them for £28 and Rimmers price matched.

I now get about 27mpg on a run. (Rover v8 )

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A plug in electric pre-heat patch stuck/strapped to your sump , which could be plugged in not just on cold days 20 mins before setting off , would not only make start up on cold days much easier but would also save engine ware on warm up . One more expense and slight time consumer but would probably more than pay for it self long term , no?

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