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Engine wont run bellow 1500rpm


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Hi there, I am having absolute nightmares with my acclaim, and on going issue which i thought i had sorted, but its back with avengence!

The car wont run bellow 1500rpm, 1month ago i had the rotor arm and spark plugs replaced, along with the timing sorted. this seemed to have cured my issues. Untill tuesday when i drove the car, t wouldn't idle bellow 1200rpm, and it had got worse, to about 1600rpm now. But it rockets along above 2krpm, possibly better than before, but its almost undrivable around town!

I have tried changing the carbs in the past and it made no changes. Does anyone have an idea what I can try next. I am having horrible thoughts, like get rid of the acclaim and buy a fiesta :S. Some one please help my, i don't like these thoughts!!!!!

I have the MOT on saturday, does anyone know if this problem will fail it?

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My bad,  I had previously looked at all the vacum hoses, which are all in good nick and connected correctly.

I didnt look hard enough for the problem, is the rubber book that holds the carb to the manifold! the right hand carb has completely come away from the manifold! Hence my issue!

Few questions now,

1. can new rubbers be sourced, if so from were?
    1a can i get one today or tomorrow? My mot is Saturday at 9am?!?!?!
2. Can anyone speculate why the car seemed to go much better at higher revs than before?
My first thought was, the car must be running rich, so the more air the better the mixture, but it wasn't at all running rich, when I had it timed the man used his CO meter and told me it was fine!

3. I seemed to have been having all my problems since I replaced the vacuum advance unit, i obtained a NOS one from ebay, which functioned correctly before i fitted it. The timing has been done by a small garage.  Any ideas?

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As if by some miracle when i checked my parts box, i had 1, which i fitted, and the car is now driving like a dream! Bad news is it failed it MOT! It needs both sills welding, a new drivers door handle and one arch to be less sharp! Quoted 300 for the repairs, which I just dont have :( So I will have to sell the acclaim, hopefully some one wants it! And if they are local, and get the welding done with in 10 days the mot retest will be free!

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If anyone wants it, then i would like £120, which seems steep, but the car is in very good nic apart from the mot failures, it has remaining tax for 6months (hence the price) it has new pads and discs, fitted yesterday (spares which i had surplus) Had an service in January, 84k miles, Good condition black inertia, Is metallic red. Has a set of 14 inch alloy wheels, I will negotiate on price, but only if the car will be repaired. See the triumph acclaim and rover 213/216 forum for pictures. (its on the main home page)

Current MOT runs out 26th Feb, so it can be driven.

If i wanted to scrap it my scrap man will give me £70 and the tax will return 50, hense my asking price. But i really really really dont want that to happen because it is one of the most solid acclaims i have seen (apart from the for mentioned welding required) and the boot is as dry as the day it left the factory! Unlike the other 5 acclaims i had which all leaked in the boot! Which is the reason i bought it! If anyone wants to view, test drive, or anything call me on


p.s. sorry of this is the wrong place to advertise, if so can you tell me where. Thanks

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