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complete car less engine/box/d.shafts

jason d

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Hi and hello to you all here. Some of you may know that the acclaim engine is still very popular in sporting trials car and thats how come I came to buy this car for spares. I now have a complete 83/84 red acclaim for sale . Its an hl model and only had two owners(Grandad and Granddaughter I beleive) before i got it. I really would like to move it in one hit but if there is no interest i may sell bits of it individually .IT really is quite clean inside.

If its of any interest to any of you i am having a 1335 engine enlarged to something very close to 1500cc using some accord pistons and a crankshaft from the USA which is then modified by some clever irish guys.

Ps i am in cornwall

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Hi there, and welcome to our form . what condition is the bodywork in? These are rare cars now, and I have the parts to complete the car and return it to the road, if you think it is saveable. the changing of the crank and pistons sounds interesting , do you think the bore will take the rebore? The extra 2 mm is well over the rebore limit of 10tho. I have often considered this myself so please keep us informed of your progress . we love specials here, especially acclaim ones as I have provided a few engines myself. these are remarkable little engines and very adaptable.
Forgot to mention
we love pictures here, lots of them.

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The pistons going in are hepolite 20216 75mm pistons at Plus 0.5 mm, was told by the guys doing the conversion that there is a 95% chance of it being ok, but with plus 0.75mm its almost a 95% chance that it could all go wrong and need liners. I know that with the longer stroke they have to machine some of the piston top of(these have a bowl in them unlike the standard pistons which are domed).

All i know about the crank is that it from an American Honda from the 1970s and are very hard to find now.

My trials car runs on four motorbike carbs and an omex ecu with an expensive exhaust it certainly doesn't sound like it came from an acclaim!

I'll take some pictures of the set up and try and post on here along with some of the acclaim.

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I've gone for a moded accaim type engine as having invested in new carbs /manifold , new exhaust system and other items the thought of spending more money on these again to enable the instalation of a different engine would of made that option much more expensive and with it too time consuming. One of these moded acclaim engines powered a car to last years british sporting trials championship, beating various honda/suzuki 12 and 16 valve engines.

                         To see more of these cars look at sporting trials.com or look at btrda.com and look up sporting trials.

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Hopefully i will now have attached some pictures of my car for sale. I dont really know what it is like underneath but have noticed holes approx 8 inches long at the end of each outer sill.The spare wheel could be mistaken for being NOS but does have the paint broken where it has been bolted on but apart from this looks new.

cheers jason

Ok i have tried to attach photos and failed as they are way to big to attach. If anybody wants any pictures let me know and i can send them to you.

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has it still got the exhaust? I'm having a lot of trouble finding a front pipe for my acclaim (the early type with 3bolt flanges either end), I'm in cornwall and can collect if needed. might be interested in the rest of the car too if the price is right and its not too far gone.
Cheers, Jon.

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