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fh engine in a Herald 13/60


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Hi i am new here and hope to stay around for abit, i am in the process of restoring a Herald 13/60 cabrio, and i have taken the engine out to give it a refresh (a core plugs leaking so is sump gasket etc) so i thought new core plugs gaskets clean and paint it up etc. in cleaning i notice the engine code actually states FH8922HE i was under the impression that the engine should be a GE or GK prefix, so i guess this is a replacement engine from another Triumph can anyone shed light onto this please ie what is the engine. I do have a GE engine minus ancillaries lying on the floor under a bench full of oil under wraps.

if anyone can help i would be very grateful, i live in the North Bristol area if anyone fancies a coffee at some point whilst i hum and har as to what to do next lol

cheers in advance Phil

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That is a early Mk4 Spitfire engine.

So slightly better camshaft profile and a little bit higher compression, assuming the 13/60 parts have not been retrofitted.

If your car is an early 13/60, then it should have a GE engine. Later would be GK.

GE engines have small crank bearings unlike the GK and FH. The GE can be a nicer engine, bit more "revvy".



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thanks for that Colin, mine is a late 13/60 being first registered 1/1/71 so i guess i should have Gk engine in it then but i will take the spitfire engine anyday, guess the Herald carb has been fitted as i think the spitfire lump should have twin carbs? perhaps i shall strip it to see if its had hardend seats etc and check everything for marks to see what i actually have. really enjoying working on it feels like its proper old school engineering. My other play things arent exactly young though i have 3 Mk1 Astras lol

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thanks :)

couldnt beleive it i took engine out and then decided to see if it ran so popped a pipe into some fresh fuel having checked oil in sump and powered the coil and put jump lead on the starter motor and after about 7 cranks it burst into life no rattles and no smoke so might just fix the core plugs clean paint and leave well alone for now .

need to get the rest of the car soorted want to be driving it come early summer and there is alot of welding to do lol

how will i know if the dizzy is the spitfire type? and deffo looking for a twin carb setup now.

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