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Weight of a 6 cylinder engine


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I was just curious where you got that old Triumph 2.3L from and why you are so sure the Volvo engine is going to be faster?
My Sierra YB tweaked Trubo 16V was LOADS slower than my good old naturally aspirated engine but didn't FEEL it....
Against the stopwatch it was another story!

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The chart says the 2L and 2.5L are the same weight. (180kg).

This is wrong.
The 2L crank/damper alone weighs about 10kg less, and the GT6 flywheel another 10.
The head about 5kg less (it's thinner) and if it's been well bored out can be getting closer to 150kg..... or about 70lbs less.

That's really not so bad.

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Yeah very interesting questions GT – and I suppose in many respects difficult to answer until I turn the key!!

I built my first 2.3 back in 89 which really fell straight out of your Tuning manual – I recall the forged pistons you brought to Goodwood circa 88 I think they were 2.2cc – funnily enough at the same time a friend mine bought a mk 11 GT6 which had been completely totalled at Silverstone – we pulled the engine out to find a 2.2cc bore – so basically I replicated this using oversize Toyota pistons. Having seen what times you were putting down in the saloon then there was no turning back!!!

So the T5 against the old Trumpet 2.3 then I guess your right with the T5 in its standard form there would be little difference in straight line speed - but perhaps where this would manifest itself due to weight distribution would be handling & I would hopefully end up with Spitfire handling and GT6 power !!!. Not sure if you were at Goodwood when Kevin G took his Colt Starion turbo tow car around with TLD’s Vitesse fag paper between all the way - similar power to weight on the Colt/T5

However there is something about a high revving 6 on song with PI it has a certain addiction, but moving to a modern turbo charged all alloy engine that will deliver in excess of 300 bhp without major modification (as on my road car) + torque + availability of core and its modern outstrips the 6 cylinder I'm afriad - also having extracted 200 bhp+ from the 6 then that’s realistically its limit – where as the stock T5-r is 240 bhp one stops where one starts!!!!

Due to weight distribution of the 6 I’ve always wanted to do a similar conversion with the mid engine’d 6 cylinder and I suppose if I didn’t run around in a T5 on the road I would be building some sort of 2.8 mid engine'd monster – but all my cores dried up now and it keeps me away from the wife – so win win all round

Interesting about the weight of a fully bored 6 - 150kgs is pretty light considering its all made from rusty boat anchors!!!!

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