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1500 engine upgrade


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Well I have just got back from taking my new 1500 engine for a spin and I am well pleased loads more midrange torque which was just what I was after. My late 1300 figures were 61 BHP and 68 ftlb and the new 1500 is 71 BHP and 82 ftlb still not exactly a rocket ship but that torque increase is over 20% which you can really feel. If eBay goes my way then a pair of K&N's, stub stacks, branch manifold and twin exhaust shouldn't be too far away :-)

Anyway a few notes on the upgrade for future penny pincher's like me wanting a tax exempt 1500.

I used a 1500 dolomite as the donor, dolomite sumps have the well at the front so you will need to source a spitfire sump a 1300 will do. Things to watch on a 1300 sump, no 1 big end might foul it so you might need to put a ding in it mine was OK. If it is an early sump then you will need to cut out all that mesh, make sure you make clearance for the dip stick I was damn lucky to find that out prior to putting the engine back in the car otherwise I would have been cursing.

1500's have more splines on the input shaft though same bore spigot bush so you will either have to use a 1500 gearbox or a 1300 dolomite clutch plate which has the increased number of splines but the same diameter as you old 1300 cover plate and flywheel.

If you want to reuse your old flywheel as I did then you will need to drill out the 4 mounting bolt holes to take the bigger 1500 crankshaft bolts, easy as they are on the same centers.

You will need a 1500 front branch exhaust pipe or reuse your old single pipe 1300 and exhaust manifold.

And thats about it really. Whilst I had the engine out I put new big end bearings and thrust washers in. You can get the trust washers in without removing the crank with some fiddling with long nosed pliers. I also put a new timing chain on, front and rear crankshaft oil seals plus all new gaskets etc. Gave it a good flush through with a hose pipe and strangely there was some nasty pitting on the cam followers ? presume rust originated so I changed them too.

All in all one of the cheapest power upgrades on record after selling the OD dolly box for record money plus my old engine and various other dolly bots I am about 350 pounds up on the deal :-) which should hopefully finance my other bits mentioned above.


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