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engine advice please


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I have a GT6 engine which I removed from my first GT6 (the body basically fell apart) about 17 years ago. The head is off, bores oiled and crank turned regularly. Has about 42000 miles on it, and it was a sweet engine (took me across North America and back) which I want to put into my present GT6. I'd like to do as little as possible to it. The bores are in spec, so it's the bearings I'm thinking of. I've read about the bearing supply situation, so I'm wondering:

Assuming the crank is still in spec (oprimistic?), should I keep the existing bearings (42K miles) or go for new ones?

Should I remove the pistons to check the rings, or leave well enough alone?

Anything else?


Andy Z

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@ 42000 miles

I who check the crank and probable replace the bearings.

As with 6 cylinder motors they do suffer with with lack of oil on start up, unless you where running a spin off oil filter conversion.

As for the pistons I would leave well alone,

With engines that had been stood for a long time, we use to put Redex down the bore and leave it soak for a couple of day,

It was suppose free the rings up and clean the crap out.

Clean the excess out before trying to start it, and expect some smoke for a while after

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You mentioned North America - are you in the US?

I suspect Redex is a penetrating lubricant.  I've gotten good results with Marvel Mystery Oil.

British Parts Northwest sells Tri-metal bearings:

If the engine is coming out, you should go ahead & take it completely apart to examine the parts for wear & being in spec.

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Thanks. No, I'm in Montreal.

I have a set of NOS -.010 Vandervell bearings if it does need a re-grind, but I'd prefer to do as little as possible since the engine was really strong and problem-free when it was running.

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andyz wrote:
Thanks. One more thing: is it necessary to knock out all the plugs to clean out the water passages?

Core plugs can look fine, but be nearly rusted through and for the sake of few dollars it could save a lot of time. Even having to pull the motor out again.

As for redex it was used in the UK in 60/70's as an petrol additive as upper cylinder lubricant.

It was common place to see the Redex can on the Garage forecourt and have shot in the petrol when you filled up. Showing my age now.

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