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GT6 engine/commission numbers


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I'm trying to confirm a couple of things regarding GT6 engine and commission numbers so I can order a few parts.

I've picked up a good used GT6 engine with numbers as follows:

Block number - KF2658C
Head number - 218225

From what I've read I think this is a GT6 block for the US (Californian) market.

Based on this:

a) Are there any substantial differences between the block/head for Californian engines, or was it simply the emmissions equipment attached?

b) If the heads are different is there any way of telling if I have I also got a US head or whether it has been changed for UK one at some point? I've never found a list of head numbers.

b) Many parts listed are dependant on commission number, not engine number. Can anyone tell me roughly what commission number this engine number would relate to? Can I just refer to commission number KF2658 or is their some other way?

Many thanks!

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Have had another look at the engine today and the second digit of the engine number is quite poorly stamped.

I always presumed it was KF2658C as the KF and the C would relate to a US engine for the Californian market.

However, looking closer it appears the engine number could actually be KE2658C. Does this make sense? Did KE engines go out to the states as well?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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