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Head/Engine Conversion 2- 2.5l


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I have a 1971 Mk3 GT6, last week I discovered a burnt out valve in the cylinder head and am now in the process of rebuilding the head. I'm having the head professionally rebuilt and gas-flowed. While I'm at it I am thinking of "beefing up" the engine.

Basically I'm not sure how far to go, I was thinking of putting bigger valves in the head, and later transferring the head to a 2.5 (tr6 short engine or such) when I can afford and find one.

Any thoughts of what to do to my current head, valve types?
Any advice on up rating an engine much appreciated as I'm not too sure what I'm doing…

I presume I could just get a 2.5 TR6 engine and stick one straight in, if all else fails???

Any advice appreciated... thanks


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If the car has dome topped pistons then it can be used on a 2.5. If flat top it can't, it will have far too high a CR on a 2.5.
As to 2 V 2.5 there has been many a thread. 2 is revvy and good if you like to drive that way, 2.5 is more relaxed and torquey. Both can produce good power.
It may be woth just sticking a better camshaft in while the head is off for the small amount extra. The TR5 cam is good, possibly the TH5. A 6>3> exhaust manifold and you will have a fast road sort of setup, get it on a rolling road, tuned and a smile on your face. IMHO.

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I like the 2 litre Triumph inline 6 better than the 2.5 litre.  I like the 400 c.i. Chrysler engine better than the 440.  Many others feel the same.  A lot has to do with the car it's in, and how you'll be driving it.  I don't drag race or autocross, I just daily drive like Mr. Hyde.

As has been mentioned, see if you can find someone who'll let you try their TR6 or something so that you can get a feeling for the difference.  The 2.5 L is torquey, loafy, composed and very capable.  The 2 L is your bad influence squirrely friend goading you over to a party on the bad side of town.

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