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GT6 mk1 engine tuning opptions plz

Piero franchi

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I have a gt6 mk1 that i want to tune.
i want to stick with mainly triumph parts,
i have been told that a latter cyl head pluss latter head studs is the way forward,
is this true, which head is best to use, can i keep the cam shaft from the new head.
what else is needed.
i know a change of both manifolds is a must, again, which parts do i use, as there are a lot of clearance issuse with these.

a list of this part from that car would be very helpfull.

lastly, i DONT really want to change the standard overdrive box that it has.

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Piero franchi,

You can keep the MkI head if you want to and fit the larger studs. The block has to be machined to take them anyway and Chris Witor supplys a set of shorter studs in the larger diameter for this purpose (or you could source them yourself). You have to drill out the holes in the head to 7/16'' from 3/8''. The other row of studs uses the normal MkII studs. This gets around the 'weak' head gasket issues of the MkI.

Chris also does a flowed inlet manifold for the MkI head  which is supposed to work very well and you can get 6-3-1's for the MkI engine. The inlet he supplies is for a Saloon but I'm sure he could get a GT6 manifold done. You can also still fit a MkII GT6 cam to the MkI engine if you want to.

The bottom line would be a bit less bhp than a MkII engine but be more original. I think the MkI 2000 is smoother than the MkII.

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I will have to dyno my MK1 one day to get some figures, but so far I've been happy.

Issues, its a PITA if you have to check the head bolts. It all has to come off.

Performance wise, well the standard 3.
1, intake and carbs. (Ported the intake and running SU 1 3/4" (HS6's)
2, exhaust, anything is better then stock. I'm running the Rimmer stainless header with twin sport exhaust, a single might have been better.
3, ignition. The old delco dizzy is useless, going to digital.

Other wise, I'm running .060 pistons and everything is balanced, should ditch the fan and go for an electric to gain power.

I never bother porting the head, just did the standard stuff so it could deal with unleaded and what not.

The MK1 will never be a killer rocket-ship, but I have enjoyed mine so far.

Every year I seem to learn a little more and make the car better and better.

Still believe the MK1 engine is a strong power plant despite the limited head.

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