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'69 Spitfire with 2000 engine...problem?


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Hi guys

An out-of-towner here with a question:

I've fallen in love with a '69 Spitfire MK III that has been fitted with a 2.0 L, 6 cylinder Triumph 2000 engine. The bonnet has also been replaced with an  original GT6 bonnet to fit the engine.

Do any of you out there know if this modification is "normal" or even frequently used? I am aware of the problem of originality, but the car is in good general condition - I'm just wondering if its to big a project for someone buying his first TR? Albeit I'm willing to learn.

Thanks a bunch for you help.

/ F

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The 6 cyclinder Spitfire is a car Triumph never actually made but there are alot about.

As you will have seen these cars are relatively easy to change.  You can swop engines and other components between cars.

A 6 cyclinder spitfire needs to have upgraded brakes as well.  Using GT6 type front suspension and brakes is best.

Make sure you tell the insurer and that the logbook shows the correct details.

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It depends where in the world you are as to whether such a car is a problem or not.
Some countries have very strict construction laws that outlaw most vehicle modifications (such as Germany) whilst others are fairly free and easy, such as the UK.

Assuming that the car is legally registered and can pass whatever roadworthyness inspection is required where you live, and you can get it insured then it will be a fun car to own.

As Steve said, it is the car that Triumph never built, but it is very easy to build your own by fitting a Spitfire with a 2L engine and the bonnet GT6, or fitting a Spitfire bodytub to a GT6.  But beware, there are a few things that need to be thought out carefully in the design, especially when it comes to the brakes - you will need to fit GT6 or Vitesse MKII front suspension and brakes as the Spitfire stuff is not up to the job of stopping a car with the extra power.

So before buying such a car made by someone else, you need to be certain that they have built it correctly and safely.  Do a search on this forum for terms like GiTfire, Spitsix and Sixfire to find out more.

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The original (smaller) spitfire calipers were type 12 (mkI and II) or 14 (MkII-1500), whereas the GT6 ones were type 16 (16P or 16PB) - this is stamped on the caliper, so is an easy way to see whether they have changed the front brakes over. The rears are also different, but there are different opinions as to whether it is necessary to change them or not (the fronts do the majority of the braking anyway), so I wouldn't lose sleep over these.

The other less obvious component is the rear diff, as the GT6 and Spits used (in some cases) different ratios (also dependant on whether the gaerbox was overdrive or not) - as KevinR says, a search of the forum should provide you with all the info you need (and plenty that you don't!).

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Hi all!

Thanks for all your fast replies.
I can read from them that I do need to make sure of all these things before buying.

I live in Denmark where the road-rules are very strict, and yet the car has still passed all the legal authorities for being able to drive in...so far, so good.

Thanks again for your help.

/ Fred

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