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engine noise diagnosis


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It's been well over a decade since I drove this car regularly, so still trying to get back in touch with what engine sounds are "normal" and what may not be.

Currently, along with the standard valve tapping that can always be heard in a GT6, I also have another slightly louder tapping also in rhythm with the engine, especially when under a heavier acceleration load. I know, not much info...but any thoughts on what it might be? A valve sticking perhaps? Valve clearances have been set to spec, by the way. The engine power seems fine, but the louder ticking noise worries me a bit.

Anything I should try - this is an original engine, never rebuilt since new, but with under 100k miles on it and not driven particularly hard. Apart from priming oil pump, hand oiling pistons through spark plug holes, new fuel, new oil etc I didn't do anyhing to the engine internals after 10 years. Pehaps try some engine restore type of solvent (BG44K, STP oil treatment, etc) to get rid of any gunk/buildup that might be in there?

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