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Engine Help! Water in oil


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My GT6 MK3 was surfering hesitation under accerleration follow by a single tick. On checking the oil it seems to have some water in it (white slime and too thin) I've checked the compression and all cylinders are between 10.5 and 11.2 Bar. My question is could the head Gasket have gone allowing water into the the oil without also effecting the comperssion. I assume the thin oil explains the poor running and ticking (sticky piston ring?) Is there any other explanation for the water, and am I likly to have done much damage having driven less than a mile in this state.  

I'm planning on taking the head off as this will allow me to check the cylinder walls and gasket, is there anything else I should be checking????

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yes it can leak water into the oil , and not affect compression,

most likely, the gasket has gone sround one of the water holes,

and then going into the sump,.

Along shot, but may be worth a try, if you still want to use it,

is to put in a couple of packets of  C.LIT  or the like,

it may well work if the break is not too big,

and when ye got it in , check the head bolts  , and see if they gone slack,

as gasket will have compressed over the years, thus loosing clamping force,.

Damage done, !!depends on how thin the oil is, and actually how much water is in the oil,

water can also get into the oil by the engine not being run long enogh, to burn ..condensation.. away,

lots of short runs , will mean that the oil is slowly getting ..watered up..

one other thing to do, is pressure test the cooling system, , , this will show if there is a break in the gasket,

but,!!! it may not show up till either the engine is hot, or the pressure is well up, , or both,!!!



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ok  cheers sounds like gasket, it's only gone in the last couple of weeks, no rust on plugs but lots of soot (running rich).

Hopefully no damage, but oil is very thin! guess I'll just have to do the gasket check for cylinder damage and cross my fingers  

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