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Engine pressure?


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I took my Spit out for a great drive yesterday. On returning with the engine nice and hot I found the idle to be a bit low and lumpy so I tweaked it up a little (earlier I had adjusted the carbs). However, for no other reason than curiousity I removed the oil filler cap whilst the car was sat there idling and noticed that the engine revs immediately rose by about 500rpm and the engine seemed to smooth out significantly. Does this mean anything in particular? Is there an advantage to be had by running the breather hose from the valve cover into a vented catch can rather than into the carbs as standard?
Just curious.

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The advantage is the engine sees just air & fuel, which is good for power.
The disadvantage is unless you have some good size breathers your probably going to leak oil as the block becomes pressurised. On the 1380 i use a Morrosso evacusump system for the breather, if you seach out telegizer site he has a feature on it.

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