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Engine tunning help...

Rui Guimaraes

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I have recently experienced some problems with my GT6 mk1 engine when starting up cold with the choke pulled.

The engine was idling very bad and the only way to put it consistent was by having it working aroun 1200 rpms (warm).
Decided to have a go and use the Ecotek Powerboost spray for decoking and the engine is much more steady and I now can idle it warm at around 800 rpm (very surprised with the result) :)
The only problem is that since I have reset it I can't start it from cold using the choke pulled. It is easy to start it without the choke pulled and by pressing the throtle a bit but if I remove the foot from the pedal while cold the engine dies. As soon as it is warm it runs nice and idles steady...
Can anyone tel me what may i be missing here?

Static Timing: 10º
Fuel: BP 98 Ultimate
Plugs are new and OK
Distributor gap OK
Rocker valve gap OK
Carb neddles well centred
Oil level on the carbs OK
Carbs well balanced


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